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    BCMonster.com Bitcoin Mining Pool
    New Promotion or Bitcoin Miners
    posted 02/23/2018 10:45:58 by krisgt30

    Hello Everyone! New for 2018 we now will be offering 0% fees to anyone who mines at our pool up until we reach 15 Petahashes of total hashing power. Meaning if you are already regsistered, and want to point your miners back here, just do so and we will adjust your pool fees to zero. If you are new, simply register, start mining and we will remove the fees from your account!

    *******Remember, ASIC devices only (GPU/CPU mining please defer to our other pool KMDMonster.com)********

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    To get to the KMD pool
    posted 02/14/2018 10:09:17 by BCMonster

    Click Here for the Komodo (KMDPool) KOMODO Monster

    BCMonster.com is anoucing we are adding a Komodo Pool.
    posted 10/14/2017 13:46:29 by Laviathon


    I still get emails almost everday from people wanting to mine bitcoin with a computer or a graphics card.  Now the money in that is alt coins.  We here at BCMonster.com have done our research and think that Komodo will be the next coin to really gain momentum.  The front end is not ready yet but we have decided to go ahead and get it online.  We have already found over 75 Blocks.  We are super excited about the future of this sleeping giant of a coin.  Please log on and help us.

    Mining Software
    EWBF v0.3.3+ (NVIDIA)  example bat file:       

    miner --server stratum.bcmonster.com --port 4444 --user xxxxxxWalletaddressxxxxxx.workername --pass x

    ClaymoreZcash v12.5+ (AMD)  example bat file:   

    ZecMiner64.exe -zpool stratum+tcp://stratum.bcmonster.com:4444 -zwal RCaDMDWnF8V2AMQdjRsg8mMh5awG7gemsW.BoXx -zpsw 123 -i4 -tstop 85 -tt 65 -fanmin 60 -fanmax 100 -allpools 1

    If you need a Komodo Wallet address you can get one on Bittrex.com  Please Contact me if you have any questions.